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Winter means cold temperatures and short days. The combination of these two is a huge contrast to the long, warm days of summer, where you always have a bit more daylight for a run before or after work. The weather also brings out aches and pains, especially if you are healing from an injury. Staying fit over the winter is hard for even the best athletes. So what can you do?

  1. Go to the gym after work
    • Don’t let yourself think about it – just go to the gym immediately after work. It may be dark already, and you may just want to go home and sleep, but we know that long days at a desk make for achy, stiff muscles that lessen your ability to relax and rest.
    • Going to the gym will lessen your stress, loosen up your muscles, and allow you to actually enjoy your rest time. You will sleep better and feel more clear-headed in the morning.
  2. Eat healthy
    • This is the eternal trouble of winter – eating healthily in a season that is chocked full of holidays. It is usually the time we allow ourselves to enjoy the treats we have denied ourselves the rest of the year. This is not always a bad thing! Enjoying life is a healthy thing in and of itself.
    • In order to prevent sickness during the food-rich season that brings colds and flu, increase your consumption of vegetables, good starches, and fruits.
    • Keeping hydrated will keep your immune system strong and wash out any toxins from a rich meal.

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