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Expert Orthopedic Fracture Care

Get personalized relief for your fracture needs near you in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Fracture or broken bone care in Corpus Christi Texas

Don't Let Untreated Fractures Lead to Serious Health Consequences

Neglecting prompt care of a fracture can lead to serious and long-term health issues. It can cause further injury, lead to complications such as infection and improper bone healing, and result in chronic pain or long-term joint problems. 




Further Injuries


Misalignment of Bones

ignoring a fractured bone can have consequences

Timely treatment of fractures for effective healing

Immediate medical attention not only helps in pain management but also ensures the fracture heals correctly and quickly, preventing future complications. Book Appointment
Hip Pain

Prevention of Further Injury

Untreated fractures can lead to additional injuries. The bones may shift, causing damage to surrounding tissues, muscles, and nerves.

Avoid Medical complications

Avoiding Complications

Delaying treatment can lead to complications such as infection, especially in open fractures where the bone pierces the skin. There's also a risk of developing blood clots or fat embolism (fat globules released into the bloodstream) which can be life-threatening.

improved mental health

Ensuring Proper Healing

Prompt care ensures that the bone heals correctly. If a fracture is not properly aligned and immobilized, it can heal in an incorrect position, leading to long-term functional impairments and possibly requiring surgical correction.

Fracture Care by Your Orthopedic Specialists

At Coastal Orthopedics, your fracture care is our priority. We specialize in treating a wide array of fractures, including hip, distal radius, stress, closed, and compound fractures. Our experienced orthopedic specialists, armed with the latest technology, are committed to diagnosing and managing your fracture with precision and care. We focus on providing you with effective treatment and relief, enhancing your quality of life and helping you return to your daily activities with confidence and ease.

3 Steps to Better Orthopedic Health

You and your family can benefit from premier orthopedic care at our Corpus Christi facility. To schedule a visit, reach out via call or use our online booking system (24/7). Our orthopedic specialists will assess your concerns, diagnose the issue, and devise a personalized treatment approach, encompassing on-site diagnostics, surgeries, or further specialist referrals when necessary. We prioritize your well-being, ensuring clarity about your orthopedic condition and devising an effective care plan tailored to your needs.

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Orthopedic Relief When You Need It

Compassionate, convenient orthopedic care for all. Personalized treatment tailored to your needs is our top priority.