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Expert Care for Your Spine Conditions

Get personalized relief for your spine problems located near you in Corpus Christi. 

back and spine pain orthopedic doctor
Get personalized relief for your spine problems. 

Neglecting Spinal Issues Can Result in Major Health Complications

Unaddressed spine problems may lead to numerous complications, not only in the spine itself but also in other body parts due to altered posture and walking patterns as a form of compensation.


Chronic Pain and Discomfort


Nerve Damage and Neuropathy


Postural Abnormalities

Untreated back pain

Relief from chronic spinal conditions leads to improved quality of life.

Effectively managing and treating conditions related to the spine can markedly elevate an individual's daily living experience and overall well-being.

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Back Pain

Reduced Pain

Many spinal conditions are associated with chronic pain. Successfully treating these conditions can significantly reduce or even eliminate this pain, leading to greater comfort in everyday life and a reduction in the need for pain medication.

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Improved Mobility and Flexibility

Effective treatment of spinal disorders, such as degenerative disc disease or spinal arthritis, can lead to increased mobility and flexibility. This allows individuals to engage more actively in daily activities and hobbies without being hindered by pain or stiffness.

improved mental health

Enhanced Mental Well-being and Reduced Stress

Chronic spine-related pain can have a profound impact on mental health, often leading to stress, anxiety, and depression. By addressing the underlying spinal issues, individuals often experience an improvement in their mental well-being, as they find relief from constant pain and regain the ability to participate in enjoyable activities.

Conditions and Problems You Can Have Treated by Our Spine Specialists

At Coastal Orthopedics, you'll find solutions for your spinal issues, whether it's a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, spinal fractures, or chronic back pain. Our team of seasoned orthopedic specialists, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, is here to diagnose and manage your spine problems effectively. We're committed to offering you relief and a significant enhancement in your quality of life.

3 Steps to Better Orthopedic Health

You and your family can benefit from the best orthopedic care at our Corpus Christi facility. To schedule a visit, reach out via call or use our online booking system (24/7). Our orthopedic specialists will assess your concerns, diagnose the issue, and devise a personalized treatment approach, encompassing on-site diagnostics, surgeries, or further specialist referrals when necessary. We prioritize your well-being, ensuring clarity about your orthopedic condition and devising an effective care plan tailored to your needs.

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Orthopedic Relief When You Need It

Compassionate, convenient, and expert orthopedic care for all. Personalized treatment tailored to your needs is our top priority.