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Learning Center/Coastal Orthopedics Blog

Coastal Orthopedics Blog

athletic performance

Tips to Achieve and Sustain Peak Athletic Performance

October 8th, 2023|2 min read

automobile accidents

Understanding Common Orthopedic Injuries Resulting from Car Accidents

March 1st, 2023|3 min read


Orthopedic Solutions for Osteoarthritis: A Comprehensive Guide

February 9th, 2023|3 min read

knee replacement surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery (Robotic Assisted): Procedure, Benefits, and Recovery

December 22nd, 2022|4 min read

physical therapy

Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Surgery: Pre and Post Reasons and Benefits

August 29th, 2022|3 min read

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viscosupplementation / cortisone injections

Cortisone Injections vs Viscosupplementation: Indications, Benefits, Usage, and Risk Factors

March 17th, 2021|6 min read

medical insurance

A Comprehensive Breakdown of Medical Insurance: Networks, Deductibles, Copays, and Coinsurance

February 8th, 2021|5 min read

best total knee replacement / best hip replacement

The Best Technology for Knee and Hip Replacement: Verilast With Oxinium

October 19th, 2020|4 min read

knee arthroplasty / arthroplasty / shoulder arthroplasty / hip arthroplasty

What is Arthroplasty? (Shoulder. Knee, and Hip)

September 7th, 2020|5 min read