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The Best Technology for Knee and Hip Replacement: Verilast With Oxinium

October 19th, 2020 | 4 min. read

By Rob S Williams, MD

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Similar to your natural joint surfaces, the friction created by the implant's surfaces rubbing together could cause the surfaces to wear down as time goes on. And, this wear of the implant is a top cause of joint replacement failure. Implants can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years before they begin to wear, but this type of thinking has become a problem.

However, Verilast with oxinium, which is available at Coastal Orthopedics, can help with this. Verilast technology has gone through 30-years of wear performance lab-testing.  While 30-years of wear performance may seem like a substantial statement for any manufacturer of implants to make, Verilast technology can be backed up.


What Is Oxinium Oxidized Zirconium?

Oxinium oxidized zirconium is a type of metallic alloy. It has a ceramic surface that offers resistance to wear without brittleness. The oxinium material mixes the best of ceramics and metal. 


Best Technology for Hip Replacement

Verilast hip replacement technology is an outstanding combination of low-friction, advanced materials made for addressing implant surface wear on both surfaces. 


Testing and Implant Wear

Lab testing has proven Verilast technology can reduce hip implant wear about 67% when it was compared with standard materials like highly cross-linked plastic and cobalt chrome implants, even after going through 45 million laboratory wear simulation test cycles. This test is nine times longer than industry-standard tests for hip replacements.

If you're a good candidate for a Verilast technology-made implant, the thigh bone portion (femoral) of your implant will be crafted with Oxinium Oxidized Zirconium. This is an award winning and patented ceramicised metal alloy developed by Smith + Nephew. 

Oxinium implants go through a process during manufacturing that changes the surface of the implant into a ceramicist, hard metal. But it retains all of the underlying metal's durability. Along with being more durable than genuine ceramic, the ceramicist surface of this metal implant is far more hard and resistant to the type of scratching caused by a worn out cobalt chrome implant before its time.

Unlike other types of implants, Verilast hip technology uses low-friction, advanced surfaces for both of your hip joint surfaces. The mixture of XLPE and ceramicist has the highest survival rate of any researched hip bearing. 


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Best Technology for Knee Replacement

Verilast technology is the initial solution to blend an extremely crosslinked high molecular weight polyethylene tibial insert andverilast knee Oxinium Oxidized Zirconium femoral component for forming an state-of-the-art TKA (Total Knee Arthroplasty) bearing.

  • The initial knee laboratory tested for demonstrating wear performance good for three decades of using under normal circumstances and conditions.
  • Provides the more active, younger patients with a solution for TKA made for addressing their enhanced anticipation for wear performance.
  • A frequently used answer in a total knee replacement for individuals who have metal sensitivity.



The process in which a Verilast Knee Replacement procedure is implemented is called the Visionaire Total Knee Arthroplasty which is described in detail by clicking here.



Implant Wear

Choosing whether or not you should undergo a knee or hip replacement procedure is an extremely important decision. Regardless of how successful and statistically safe a replacement procedure has been shown to be, all surgeries have risks.

Knee and hip conditions limit your daily living activities because of limited mobility and pain. Knee replacement surgery and hip replacement surgery can help you get back to your normal lifestyle. And, although joint replacement procedures like these are safe, there are always the potential of risks with any surgery. 

Before you make any decision about surgery, you should talk with your primary care doctor, family and orthopedic surgeon to ensure a knee or hip replacement procedure with Verilast technology is the ideal choice to make in your specific situation.


Essential Safety Notes

The results of individual joint replacement procedures vary. The point to implants is to improve knee function and relieve knee pain, however, it might not produce the exact same function or feel as your natural knee. Knee replacement surgery does pose potential risks like:

  • Wear
  • Loosening
  • Infection


This could lead to the need for another surgery. You shouldn't perform any high impact activities, like jumping and running, unless your surgeon tells you your bone has healed and it's okay to perform these types of activities. If you don't follow your surgeon's activity level limitations, it could result in early:

  • Breakage
  • Device failure
  • Loosening


Implant longevity will depend on various factors, including your weight and types of activities you perform.

Early failure could occur if you don't guard the joint of your knee from overloading because of activity level, an accident like a fall or failure to control body weight. 

Verilast knee wear results and testing only apply to the Verilast Legion CR Primary Knee System. There hasn't been any other Verilast knee system with prolonged lab testing. The laboratory wear simulation test results haven't been proven to predict actual performance and durability of the joint because other factors, like the structure of bone, could impact joint performance and durability and cause health conditions that might lead to the need for another surgery. The testing didn't study these factors.


Benefits of Verilast Knee and Hip Technology

Verilast knee and hip technology has many benefits, including:

  • It’s hypoallergenic. There is virtually no chromium or nickel in Oxinium. These are two metals that could cause issues if you have a metal sensitivity.
  • Your surgeon will use the same instrumentation and implants they always have, therefore this technology has no learning curve
  • Oxinium implants weight much less than traditional metal alloy (cobalt chrome) knee and hip implants


If the surgeon determines a Verilast technology-made implant is ideal for you, the ball or femoral head of your implant will be crafted from Oxinium Oxidized Zirconium.


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Rob S Williams, MD

Dr. Williams has been practicing orthopedic surgery in Corpus Christi since 1998. After graduating from Texas Tech hereceived his medical degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. At the prestigious Campbell Clinic located at the University of Tennessee, Dr. Williams completed not only an Orthopedic Surgery Residency, but an additional year of Fellowship Training in Spine Surgery. Dr. Williams is dedicated to creating an excellent patient experience in the office or in the surgery suite.