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Biceps Tendinitis: Prevention and Treatment

By:Rob S Williams, MD October 20, 2017 biceps tendonitis

As we age, the tendons that attach the biceps to the arm at the shoulder and at the elbow can become inflamed, sore, and even frayed due to overuse. This condition, biceps tendinitis, can lead to aches and pains that radiate up and down the length of the front upper arm.

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Biceps Tendinitis: Causes and Risk Factors

By:Rob S Williams, MD October 17, 2017 biceps tendon, biceps tendonitis

Shoulder pain can have many different causes. If you’re experiencing soreness or noticeable weakness at the front of your shoulder, it’s possible you have tendinitis (sometimes spelled “tendonitis”) affecting the long head of the biceps tendon—where the biceps muscle attaches to bone.

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