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Knee Sprains: Prevention and Treatment

By:Kristen Havens November 16, 2017 knee sprains


A knee sprain is a sudden overstretching of one of the ligaments of the knee, leading to a tear, inflammation, and pain. Knee sprains often affect the ACL or the PCL—the two ligaments that guide the front/back movement of the lower leg. Less often, knee sprains affect the MCL or LCL, which are the ligaments that run along the inner and outer sides of the knee.


Knee sprains are very common....

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Knee Sprains: Causes, Risk Factors, and Symptoms

By:Kristen Havens November 14, 2017 knee sprains


Have you ever landed funny when making a jump shot in basketball and felt something pop inside your knee? Or maybe you’ve smacked your knee hard on a coffee table; been checked against the wall playing hockey; or twisted, pivoted, or side-hopped awkwardly while skiing, dancing, or playing any number of sports.


Suddenly you find your knee hurts and it’s buckling under your weight. Maybe you...

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