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Swimmer's Shoulder: Signs, Symptoms, Stretches, and Treatment

By:Rob S Williams, MD August 28, 2018

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the human body. It is designed to permit a very wide range of motion. The sport of swimming is unique in that the shoulders are used to propel the weight of the body, against the resistance of water. Maximal range of motion and flexibility is required for the most efficient swimming. Sometimes, this can result in increased shoulder laxity, or...

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What Is a Stress Fracture? (Types, Signs and Symptoms)

By:Rob S Williams, MD December 21, 2017 stress fractures


Do you have sudden hip, shin, toe, or foot pain every time you exercise? If it’s a deep soreness that you first noticed after a sudden increase in your activity level or a recent change in activities, you could have a stress fracture: a hairline crack in the bone.


Stress fractures are overuse injuries that tend to occur in the weight-bearing bones of the lower body. They may develop when...

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10 Common Sports Injury Questions, Answered

By:Rob S Williams, MD December 1, 2017 common sports injuries


If you’re a college athlete, high school athlete, or an adult who’s a casual sports participant or weekend warrior, you’ve probably sustained a sports injury at some point in your career. If not, you very likely will have such an injury in the future (hopefully, a minor one).


Sports injuries are widespread in Texas and throughout the United States. Nationally, Americans sustain about 8.6...

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5 More Easy Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries (Part 2)

By:Rob S Williams, MD November 22, 2017 sports injuries

In the previous post, we addressed the prevalence of sports-related injuries in Texas and the U.S. Every year, 8.6 million Americans hurt themselves participating in athletics, and almost half of these are children and teens.


Contrary to what many people think, sports injuries don’t just happen to high school, college, and professional athletes playing competitive sports or contact sports...

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10 Easy Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries (Part 1)    

By:Rob S Williams, MD November 20, 2017 sports injuries


Sports injuries are incredibly common in Texas and throughout the United States. Nationally, about 8.6 million sports-related injuries occur per year; about 3.5 million of those reported injuries happen to children and teens. From organized team sports to skateboarding, trampoline jumping, and playground injuries, getting hurt having fun is a pretty widespread issue for Americans of all ages.

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Knee Sprains: Prevention and Treatment

By:Rob S Williams, MD November 16, 2017 knee sprains


A knee sprain is a sudden overstretching of one of the ligaments of the knee, leading to a tear, inflammation, and pain. Knee sprains often affect the ACL or the PCL—the two ligaments that guide the front/back movement of the lower leg. Less often, knee sprains affect the MCL or LCL, which are the ligaments that run along the inner and outer sides of the knee.


Knee sprains are very common....

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Knee Sprains: Causes, Risk Factors, and Symptoms

By:Rob S Williams, MD November 14, 2017 knee sprains


Have you ever landed funny when making a jump shot in basketball and felt something pop inside your knee? Or maybe you’ve smacked your knee hard on a coffee table; been checked against the wall playing hockey; or twisted, pivoted, or side-hopped awkwardly while skiing, dancing, or playing any number of sports.


Suddenly you find your knee hurts and it’s buckling under your weight. Maybe you...

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Biceps Tendinitis: Prevention and Treatment

By:Rob S Williams, MD October 20, 2017 biceps tendonitis

As we age, the tendons that attach the biceps to the arm at the shoulder and at the elbow can become inflamed, sore, and even frayed due to overuse. This condition, biceps tendinitis, can lead to aches and pains that radiate up and down the length of the front upper arm.

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Biceps Tendinitis: Causes and Risk Factors

By:Rob S Williams, MD October 17, 2017 biceps tendon, biceps tendonitis

Shoulder pain can have many different causes. If you’re experiencing soreness or noticeable weakness at the front of your shoulder, it’s possible you have tendinitis (sometimes spelled “tendonitis”) affecting the long head of the biceps tendon—where the biceps muscle attaches to bone.

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Torn Biceps: Prevention and Treatment

By:Rob S Williams, MD October 16, 2017 biceps tendon, biceps tear


Proximal biceps tendon tears are painful and sometimes debilitating. Sustaining such a tear can affect how well you use your arm. Tears can limit your range of motion, making it difficult to use your arm normally—so imagine the impact such an injury has on your sports performance.
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