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The Aging Spine: Injuries and Risk Management

The spine is a complex series of 24 vertebrae along with the fused bones of the sacrum and coccyx that form the very center 

of the skeleton. This vertebral column is a strong and flexible structure that supports the head, houses the spinal cord, and provides an attachment point for the ribs. The spine is made up of four major components: the vertebrae, joints, nerves, and disks. All four of... Read More

Chronic Neck Pain: Treatment Options

By:Rob S Williams, MD January 19, 2017 neck pain

The human neck is an excellent buffer against head injuries. Its flexibility allows the head to move with any minor impact to any body part, protecting the brain from smashing into the hard inner wall of the skull, which results in concussions. Even the effects of major impacts, such as whiplash injuries that are common in rear-end automobile collisions, can be lessened by the shock absorbing...

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Chronic Neck Pain: Common Causes and Reasons

By:Rob S Williams, MD January 13, 2017 neck pain
Anyone who has endured neck pains well understands the truth in the phrase, “what a pain in the neck!” By definition, the old cliché describes someone or something that is annoying, persistent, or irritating—a perfect description for pain that hits with every little motion of your head, including looking to the side, turning to back out of a parking spot, or simply nodding.
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