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Common Sports Injuries Involving the Shoulder

The upper body of a human being has evolved for dexterity and flexibility, rather than strength. Our arms, wrists, and hands are excellent at all tasks involving the fine, delicate manipulation of lightweight objects.


In contrast, the lower half gives our bodies durability, strength, and endurance. Although lacking the refined control of the arms, our legs are capable of safely doing the endless...

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Shoulder Dislocations: Top 5 Causes (Hint: Sports Injuries Make the List)


It is a great compliment to be described as having “broad shoulders.” This indicates a person with strength, skill, and experience, able to take on many responsibilities and handle any criticisms without complaint.


The same holds true in athletics, in which big, broad shoulders are an indicator of power, endurance, and durability. And in general, the expression holds considerable truth: strong...

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