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Common High School Sports Injuries


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What is Recreational running & just how important are running shoes?

Before diving into what are "Running Shoes" we need to cover what you might use them for and why they are so important. Recreational running is an everyday activity to stay fit and mobile regardless of age. Running should be something that is an enjoyable way to experience the environment around you, taking in the sights we are often too busy to experience otherwise.

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10 Common Sports Injury Questions, Answered

By:Kristen Havens December 1, 2017 common sports injuries


If you’re a college athlete, high school athlete, or an adult who’s a casual sports participant or weekend warrior, you’ve probably sustained a sports injury at some point in your career. If not, you very likely will have such an injury in the future (hopefully, a minor one).


Sports injuries are widespread in Texas and throughout the United States. Nationally, Americans sustain about 8.6...

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Common Sports Injuries Involving the Shoulder

By:Kristen Havens September 1, 2017 common sports injuries, shoulder injury

The upper body of a human being has evolved for dexterity and flexibility, rather than strength. Our arms, wrists, and hands are excellent at all tasks involving the fine, delicate manipulation of lightweight objects.


In contrast, the lower half gives our bodies durability, strength, and endurance. Although lacking the refined control of the arms, our legs are capable of safely doing the...

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why are concussions becoming such a problem?

In recent years, the general public has become more educated about the dangers of concussions than at any previous time in history. This increased awareness may be attributed in part to advances in sports medicine, improvements in diagnosis and treatment, and increased media coverage — particularly of major sports stars, both past and present, who have suffered career-threatening head injuries.

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Head Injuries -- common types and causes


A head injury is defined generally as trauma to the cranium (skull), scalp, or the brain. The two basic categories of traumatic head injury are open head injuries, in which the skull is broken or pierced, or closed head injuries, in which the skull remains closed/unbroken.

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Competitive athletes learn from their first day of training that in order to become better, stronger, and faster, they need to train harder than they have ever done before.

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Common High School Volleyball Injuries: Causes, Risks, and Prevention

High school volleyball is a fun, fast-paced game and a great all-around workout. However, because it engages the whole body and involves contact (between players, the volleyball, and often the ground!), injuries are common.

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High School Football Injuries and your Orthopedic Physician | Corpus Christi, Texas

More than one million high school athletes play football in the United States each year. The sport is characteristically exciting, fast-paced, and physically rough, ensuring that every player will regularly experience all manner of bumps and bruises during their season.

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What is a Bankart Lesion? (Signs, Symptoms, and Repair) | Corpus Christi, Texas

One of the main parts of of the shoulder is the ball-and-socket configuration that allows you to rotate your arm. In a healthy shoulder joint, the ball and socket remain in stable positions, with the ball (humeral head) centered in the shallow socket (glenoid or glenoid cavity). 

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