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Heat & Ice Therapy Tips and Tricks


Quiz: If you’ve just hurt yourself — for example, sprained your ankle or tweaked your shoulder hitting a tennis serve  — do you ice the injury or apply heat to it?

Or how about chronic soreness or swelling from conditions like osteoarthritis or lower back pain? What’s more effective: heat or cold?

These are questions many people have, and a surprising number aren’t certain about the answer.

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What is Osteoarthritis? Signs, Symptoms, and Causes

Do you experience aches, pains, or swelling in your joints? You may have osteoarthritis, or OA. OA is a progressive disease of the joints caused by the degeneration of cartilage between bones. 

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In our last blog, we explored the ways that swimming can cause back pain. Often, it was from doing front strokes incorrectly. More often, swimming is a great way to exercise because it is so low-impact. Many people turn to swimming when recovering from back injuries or issues.

Swimming is a great way to get exercise and relieve back pain because it is low-impact. It allows you to build muscle mass...

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