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November 10th, 2015 | 1 min. read

By Coastal Orthopedics

Swimming is generally a great form of exercise because it is aerobic and low-impact. This means it is easy on your back and spine. It can even be used to reduce back pain, as we will discuss in our next blog. However, in this blog, we are going to touch on the few ways that swimming can cause back troubles.

Have you been confused by back pain that comes even though you are doing a “low impact aerobic” sport like swimming? Well, here are some thing you may be doing to make your back upset.

  • The lower back can get hyperextended and stay that way during front strokes.
  • The upper spine (neck) can be jerked backward repeatedly during front strokes as you take breaths.

At Coastal Orthopedics, we can relieve your pain. Make an appointment with us today. After your appointment, you will want to keep the following preventative measures in mind:

When doing front strokes, keep your body level in the water by holding your abdominal muscles up and in. Do not forget to keep your head straight and not lifted.

  • Try to use side or back strokes more than you use front strokes.
  • Roll your body to the side and tuck in your chin when taking breaths during crawls. This will prevent your head from jerking backward and reduce the irritating motion of your head.

Coastal Orthopedics of Corpus Christi is proud to be the premier source for sports medicine in Texas. Make an appointmentwith our welcoming office today!